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Are you delivering on your brand promises?

We'll put in the work to determine what promises you're making to students and whether you're delivering on them, then give you a branding report with the findings.

Through surveys, interviews, competitor audits, benchmark reports, and more,

the data collection process is rigorous and the report will be eye-opening.


Let's work together to co-create your next direction. 

Branding workshops are your opportunity to get creative, get real, and get results.

We may confront some hard truths about your college's perception.

We may also uncover some unknown gems.


We'll facilitate the workshop experience — virtually or in person — and you'll receive a branding toolkit that reflects our work together and offers practical strategies for implementation.

Brand Promises

What are the promises you're making to students? 

Brand Values

Determine the attributes that make your college unique.

Learner Personas

Deep dive into who you are targeting and why.

Competitor Audit

Know your competition inside and out.

Messaging Framework

Practical guidance on how to talk about your college's brand.

Branding Guidelines

Understand how to present imagery, design, and copy.


Branding is only the beginning.

In order to ensure brand promises align with the student experience, you need to provide consistency throughout the entire student journey — from first click to cap and gown. 

Once you have your branding report, engage in additional services from the

Branding Higher Ed team to enhance your college and in turn, satisfy your students. 


From marketing plans that garner attention to automated email campaigns that reinforce your message, choose from a menu of marketing deliverables that elevate your college's name recognition.


From recruiting prospective students to retaining them once admitted, engage in strategic enrollment management services to leverage data and meet your college's goals.


By building strong relationships with your students, you'll develop a deeper understanding of their journey. We offer strategies and suggestions to help your advising team remove roadblocks and create a path forward for students.


The student experience is shaped by what happens in the classroom — whether on campus or online. Work with our instructional design consultants or leading faculty to be sure your courses are designed and delivered effectively.


Student success and satisfaction is incumbent upon sound policy. Work with our law and policy consultants to assess, develop, and revise policies so there's alignment between the promises you make and reality.


Diversity, equity, and inclusiveness should be integrated into everything you do at your institution. Work with our facilitators to ensure you are fulfilling your commitment to DE&I.

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